The Tourist

Have you ever seen a movie you really liked and then halfway through, a song comes on that gives you goosebumps? That’s what happened to me when I heard Katie Melua’s No Fear of Heights. I was watching The Tourist when I heard that song and quickly got out my notebook and pen and wrote the few words that I could grasp: “I have no fear …although I know it could drown me”. That song is only one of the great things about this movie.

The Tourist is the first movie I’ve seen at the cinema this year. I’ve wanted to watch it ever since I saw Johnny Depp was in it, just because I’m a huge fan. Ever since ….well, I don’t really know when it all started but I know I liked him as the clumsy and sensitive man in Edward Scissorhands, the crazy barber in Sweeney Todd, the timid inspector in Sleepy Hollow, the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, the irresistible gangster in Public Enemies, the pirate in The Pirates of The Caribbean series, not to forget the eccentric and slightly crazy writer in Secret Window Secret Garden or the charismatic gypsy in Chocolat and I could go on. He is the perfect actor for portraying slightly odd characters, a chameleon who adapts with each role.

The Tourist was definitely an enjoyable movie to watch, the story, the settings (what can be more romantic than Venice) and the characters make it all fit together as well as Angelina’s long suede (?) gloves. And just when you think it all goes down the path of predictability, the road takes another unexpected turn to the delight of the viewer. Johnny Depp is very believable as the American tourist with a charming if slightly off balance attitude and Angelina comes across as the femme fatale, faithful to the one love in her life that would make her go from a city to another at a moment’s notice. She won’t come in gun blazing, and her performance is good nevertheless, perhaps because of that. It is refreshing to see a movie which doesn’t actually have to be all bullets and violence to be good (although this one isn’t lacking but not as much as I expected).

I liked everything about this movie and even though it’s not a classic, I would definitely recommend it. Here’s a little preview:

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  1. What a great song!! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog! 🙂


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