There’s a fire starting in my heart

Every once in a while it happens that a song takes up residence in my head and it would play over and over again until….well, until another song takes over. Some might call that an obsession and that’s fine. Being obsessed with music is not a bad thing in my book. So after Idan Raichel’s song which has been rolling around in my head since Saturday night, a new one has come close to replacing it.

I was cutting up a pineapple in the kitchen this evening, when I heard it on the radio. Now pineapple cutting is a slippery business and while trying to keep my fingers at a safe distance from the knife, my head was nodding, keeping rhythm with the music when I realized I’d heard the song before. As I’d totally forgotten who the singer was, I abandoned the pineapple for a bit and rushed to scribble down a few words from the song that got stuck in my head: “There’s a fire starting in my heart…”

This song is best enjoyed LOUD!

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