I’ve always been a fan of movies based on legends, mythology or ancient history, so when I saw an add for Thor, I knew I would get to watch it sooner or later and so yesterday I went to the cinema with a friend of mine who was just as excited about the movie as I was.

The movie is pure entertainment, all 114 minutes of it. The transition between the gods’ realm and present day Earth was done in such a way as to tie the movie in one continuous story without the appearance of broken pieces glued together. There was humor (a scene in a diner where Thor, now mortal, eats his first meal on Earth), fight scenes (those are much better in the gods’ universe) and a good amount of fast paced action in both worlds.

Chris Hemsworth is up to the task of portraying Thor, The God of Thunder, whose reckless actions earn him banishment to Earth in an attempt to teach him a lesson. His famous weapon, the hammer, is thrown from the skies by his father Odin and only one that is worthy of its power will be able to release it from the rock it got stuck into, a nice parallel to Arthur’s Excalibur.

The characters, the costumes, the decors, the special effects, all were done to perfection striking a perfect balance between two very different worlds, making this movie a pleasure to watch.

There’s also a scene after the credits, that is worth watching.

P.S. I need to brush up on my Norse mythology. 🙂

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