Thou shall lose a few battles before you win the war

How very true, especially when it comes to weight loss. This particular new year resolution crumbled after less than two months at the gym. The truth is, I got bored. The same setting, same routine, same people, same, same, same… That has been my greatest enemy before, and apparently, after a few years of victory, it has come back again to challenge me. So I gave up on going to the gym and took a break. I ate, and slept, and baked (doesn’t sound too good, does it) and read, and just didn’t give it a lot of thought for a while. Until my clothes started shrinking just a bit and then a little bit more and then I knew I had to get back on track.

I figured I’d go back to the beginning and start walking for an hour every day and also give my dumbbells another chance. 😀 I also have a jump rope waiting for me in a box (one other great thing about house cleaning is that you find useful stuff among the useless ones – I may have mentioned that before).

Today has been my fourth day this week.

Let the new battle begin.

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2 Responses to Thou shall lose a few battles before you win the war

  1. Esa says:

    Oddly enough this week has been for me, one in which I have admitted defeat in the same battle. For me it was an inner resolution, and I have reached a point almost halfway to my goal. It is now time to re-capture that dicipline.
    In many cases it is much harder to win the battles to maintain ones goal. Communication with fellow officers is important. Good Luck. 🙂

  2. Delia says:

    I found out that trying to lose weight is somehow comparable with walking a new road. Sometimes you lose your way and have to go back but the important thing is to never give up.
    We’ll get there in the end. 🙂

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