Thou shall be punished for thy eagerness

Every plan to lose weight invariably starts with a trip at the gym. There is no other way. The word diet makes me cringe and the prospect of having only toast and fruit for breakfast is unappealing to me. I’m the kind of person who would rather eat a regular sized portion and compensate by working out more, than trying to eat less.

I found a gym close to the place I live and so, a few times a week I was planning to devote about 2 hours at a time to getting back into shape. My plan was to lose a few kilos, not more, as I have learned my lesson this time and try to fix the “damage” before it becomes too difficult. Getting rid of 3-4 kilos is infinitely easier than trying to lose 12.

And so my journey begins.

The first day at the gym I familiarized myself with the machines and got advice from the trainers. How to start, how many sets to do on the weight lifting machines, and so on. The next day I was back for more and everything seemed to go as planned. On the morning of the third day I could barely get out of bed. Every muscle in my legs seemed to cry out in pain. Was it the aerobic class or the ab routine that brought such torture? It must have been the combination, and for an out of shape body like mine, it was simply too much.

A few days later and feeling considerably better, I went again. I did some cardio exercises, trying out the elliptical machine, then went to yoga. Now, I have been to yoga more or less regularly for the past few months at another place, but this was totally another level. For starters it was in an air-conditioned room and trying to bend and twist with the cold air blowing at you is not an easy task. It was actually painful. The yoga classes I had taken before were always at room temperature and this helped greatly with the level of flexibility.

The next day I was in pain again. The muscles in my lower legs seemed so tightly stretched that going down the stairs was quite an adventure. Time for a break.

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