​Dickens in December – The first giveaway

I had no idea this book existed until I read a review on Caroline’s blog. It’s one of those books I’d love to read someday, (the fact that it has illustrations made me want to read it even more) but until then, this will be the book for our first giveaway.
Many thanks to Icon Books who have offered us two copies for this event. We are giving away one book per blog. Here’s the blurb:

For fans old and new, a fascinating tour through Charles Dickens’ novels in the hands of a master critic.

Oliver Twist…Great Expectations…David Copperfield – all contain a riotous fictional world that still leaves and breathes for readers the world over today. But how much do we really know about Charles Dickens’ dazzling imagination, which has brought this all into being?
To celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of Dickens – 2012 – Victorian literature expert John Sutherland has created a gloriously wide-ranging alphabetical companion to Dickens’ novels, excavating the hidden links between his characters, themes, and preoccupations, and the minutiae of his endlessly inventive wordplay.
Covering America, Bastards, Childhood, Christmas, Empire, Fog, Larks, London, Madness, Murder, Orphans, Pubs, Punishment, Smells, Spontaneous Combustion and Zoo to name but a few – John Sutherland gives us a uniquely personal guide to Charles Dickens’ books.

If you’d like to win a copy of this book, just leave a comment. If you want to improve your chances of winning you can leave a comment here and one on Caroline’s blog. That way your name will be in both draws but you can only win once.
The giveaway is open internationally. The winners will be announced on Tuesday 11 December.

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15 Responses to ​Dickens in December – The first giveaway

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  2. What a lovely giveaway! I haven’t heard of this book but I have read others by John Sutherland so I would love to be entered in the draw – thank you!

  3. Nadine Nys says:

    I enjoy Dickens’s books immensely, but I think this book will even enhance the enjoyment. Thanks!

  4. Considering the amount of Dickens we read in school and that English Literature was my best subject, I don’t know Dickens nearly as well as I ought! One forgets, alas…
    So I’d be really glad to have this book. Please enter me for the draw.

  5. Priya says:

    John Sutherland’s A History of Fiction in 294 Lives is on my Christmas wish list: I have heard a LOT about him. This sounds like a very fascinating read and I’d certainly love to win it! This is such a great idea for a Dickens giveaway!

  6. Arenel says:

    I’d love to get this one!

  7. Rikki says:

    How great to have two chances to win. I love companion books where I can learn more about the books and times of a writer. Please enter me into the drawing.

  8. Leah says:

    How nice that you get to give some copies away! I read Dickens for the first time this year (Bleak House in the spring, and will read A Christmas Carol for Dickens in December this month) and would love to win a copy of this book!

  9. Thanks for the chance to win this – I think it will help immensely with my Dickens reading.

  10. Vishy says:

    This looks like a perfect book for ‘Dickens in December’ 🙂 John Sutherland is wonderful! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  11. shweta jani says:

    This is really wonderful !! I would love to enter this giveaway. Reading Dickens was part of my childhood. Thanks a lot !!

  12. I love Charles Dickens and would love to win a copy. Please enter my name too!

  13. Delia says:

    Thanks to everybody who has entered their comments for the giveaway. The winner of The Dickens Dictionary is Debbie Rodgers from http://www.exurbanis.com.

  14. Delia says:

    Yes, one Christmas present coming up! 🙂 I hope she enjoys the book and will do a review at some point.

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