Melancholic Monday

Just because it’s not the weekend it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have some music. This next song has a story, too.

I was on an airplane trip last year and it was night and I was too sleepy to watch any of the movies they had available. So I listened to some music. Leaned back in my chair (not too much though, as airplane chairs are one of the most uncomfortable I had to sit on), closed my eyes and drifted away. This piece of music was so relaxing and soothing I nearly fell asleep. Naturally, I was curious who the artist was and naturally, I didn’t have anything to write on – I did have a pen, though – so I put down the name on a piece of paper napkin and placed it in the book I was reading at the time which was The Collector, by John Fowles.  I still have both and I haven’t forgotten the song.


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  1. Esa says:

    Thanks Delia. 🙂

    It’s a nice way to start a Tentative Tuesday.

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