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Songs I like

Depeche Mode, again

I’m in one of my melancholic moods again and this song appears to match my state of mind. Ever since I started listening to Depeche Mode – a lifetime ago it seems – I’ve listened to their songs whenever I felt sad. They are like a bandage on a wound, they don’t heal it but they help. Whether the lyrics are about pain, love, sex, religion – and the list goes on – they have an almost surreal quality, a perfect blend between sounds and words. Sometimes I sing along and sometimes I just lie in the dark with my eyes closed, letting the song take over the room, invade my thoughts, each note finding its way into my heart, soothing, calming, peaceful. And so does this song:

Love will leave you cold and lonely
Love will lift you up to the sky
Break your heart oh so slowly
And never give a reason why

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The End

What is an end but an excuse for a new beginning? The end is like a creaky old door in a drafty old house.  And some doors close quietly, never making a sound or leave a trace of ever having been opened while others refuse to close quietly but make a noise that pierce the silence like a sharp long needle. The beauty of it all is that there’s more than a door in a house that can be opened in the meantime, and even if that doorknob shall gather dust like the hinges collect rust, the door is still there and may one day be opened again. So let it end that it may begin again in other form and other shape and perhaps with even greater force than before.

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Reach out…

A great remix by my favorite band. It makes me want to get up and dance!


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A little gem

…of a song… goes perfectly with the rainy weather we’ve had today…and with my mood…


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What Else Is There?


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Happy Birthday, Dave Gahan!

A song
to sing
my soul
to bring
to heaven.
Your voice
I hear
the sounds
are near
may they
go on


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Rainy Sunday

The weekend is here at last and what’s even better is that a whole week of holiday stretches ahead.With that prospect in sight how can one be anything but cheerful? It can happen, believe me. The weather can do that to you. More and more I feel like there’s someone with a huge remote control somewhere (pointing skywards) saying, oh can I push the button, can I do it now? And somebody else says, not yet, it’s still Friday, you idiot, wait until the weekend is well under way, then you do it. An exasperated sigh follows and then Sunday is here with the same question and the answer this time is yes, fine, you can do it now. Click, and the rain just pours down, the thunderous booming a certainty, the sky a blurry white, and raindrops cascading down from the awnings in almost straight lines.

Holiday=rain. Elementary, my dear Watson.

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The Invisible Band

… is the name of the 2001 album by Travis. It was invisible for a long time, indeed. The CD  was, in fact, at the bottom of a box and I’d forgotten about it completely until I discovered it today while cleaning the back room (activity long overdue) and decided this was going into the “things I’d like to keep” pile. That is probably the best thing about cleaning up, you find things you had totally forgotten about, things you never knew you had and things you were glad you found.

So let’s Sing, Sing, Sing, Sing….


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This Night

I want to tell you how raw his voice sounds,

how sad the lyrics are,

how tired and soothing and wonderful this song is

but you’ll find out for yourself if you click play …


P.S. I heard this song for the first time while watching House.

If you like the song, click next to the little heart button at the bottom of the post.

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A Touch of Yello

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